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The Party Combo 2.0


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  • Truth Or Dare 2.0
  • Never Have I Ever 2.0
  • Who is Most Likely To ? 2.0
  • If You Had To 2.0

What’s this game about?

Tried our Classic Nonsense Party Combo ? Well, basically it was damn famous haha :)

So, to continue our legacy, our intellectual asses thought of the most unique ( mehhh ) idea to launch a SEQUEL to the OG Party Combo. Then, we came up with the most creative name there could exist : Party Combo 2.O ( not zero, but ‘Oh’; god knows why ) !

So basically, 2 times more fun, 2 times more humiliating, 2 times more hot :

Why this game ?

  1. Because why not ?
  2. The only weapon to add fun to your boring parties
  3. Also, you don’t have anything else to do with your boring friends
  4. To appreciate our creative abilities :)
  5. Read point 1

Players : 

Min - 2

Max - Why not invite the whole city :) ?

Where can you play ?

Parties, Social Gatherings, Functions, House Parties, Cafes, Clubs, Trips ( basically anywhere as long as it’s on planet Earth )

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